We Are Different

What Best of France Travels


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  • Meet you at the airport or hotel on the first day of our tour and provide airport transfers at the end of our tours
  • Stay in lovely 4 star and boutique hotels of charm located near town centers with air conditioning, Cable TV, free WiFi, telephone in every room
  • Our hotels offer hearty buffet breakfasts!
  • Take only small groups (limit 16)
  • Travel in comfortable coach bus
  • Allow all the luggage you wish to bring
  • Provide well organized days with short excursions from our home base
  • Provide free time to do what you like best
  • Change hotels only once in 9 days
  • Provide personal attention and assistance for travelers who enjoy exploring on their own
  • Provide luggage assistance to your rooms at check-in as well as check out days
  • Choose each hotel, restaurant, and activity after personally researching and visiting all of them
  • Set a tour price with no extra charges. All tips are included for guides and our luxury coach drivers.
  • Include activities and visits to special places which are off the beaten path
  • Provide what we advertise as included on your tour and more!


What Best of France Travels

Does Not Do!

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  • Require you to travel by train from a major European city to meet us to start your tour
  • Stay in isolated self-catering hotels far from town with no maid service, AC, telephone or internet
  • Provide only continental breakfast
  • Take large groups of 40
  • Travel in mini-van or by public trains
  • Limit you to one suitcase.
  • Waste your time by planning day trips that require several hours of travel to reach sites
  • Schedule every minute of your day
  • Change hotels several times
  • Make you stay in a group and follow tour guides with funny hats or umbrellas
  • Require you to haul luggage for several blocks to your hotel
  • Outsource our choice of hotels, restaurants and activities to third parties
  • Expect you to tip tour guides as much as 120 euros per person per guide and more for the van drivers!
  • Visit only touristy, well-known places and famous sites that are found in guide books
  • Promise one thing and give you something else of lesser quality